Body Electronics & Meta BE, September 2011

In September we hosted Robert Tennyson Stevens of Mastery Systems for Both Body Electronics and Meta Body Electronics. These were our first major events on our land and in our new huge event tent.

Check back here often for information on the next events to be held in Cle Elum in our "Heartland Forest".

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Tamaya Society is a not-for-profit organization based in the state of Washington. The purpose of Tamaya Society is to promote understanding and teaching of the cultural arts, healing arts, and helping individuals realize their own individual highest potential. We are a resource center for Conscious Living, offering a wide variety of programs & products representing spiritual traditions and metaphysical insights from around the world.

We are located on 42 acres of forested land, which we call “Heartland Forest”, in the Cascade mountain range just outside Cle Elum, Washington, about 90 minutes east of Seattle.  Our land is a sanctuary of natural beauty and peace, including forest, meadow and trails with vistas of the Stewart Mountain Range and Peoh Point. We share our space with deer, elk, cougars, bears, owls, squirrels, wild turkey, rabbits, coyotes and other wildlife.  The purpose of our land is to promote positive experiences for our members and our visitors through Conscious Living and language.

We love looking at the meaning of words as they are carriers of energy and spirit. Our nearest town is Cle Elum, which means “swift water”. The nearest named mountain is Peoh Point which means “gathering place”. It is where the Yakima Nation used to meet for Pow Wows.  We chose the name “Tamaya” which means “in the center”. We envision our land as a place where people can gather and experience living from the center of their own heart.